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No Exam Insurance


No Exam Life Insurance
Near all traditional life insurance policies require a physical exam to be completed (at no cost to you) in your home or office. The good news is that there are good opportunities to have policies issued without an exam in certain cases.
If you are in good health

If you are in good health, meaning, you have had few health issues (none major) and have a good familial medical history (no immediate family members have passed from cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes , breast, colon, ovarian or prostate cancer prior to age 60) then you may qualify! Call us as there are a few questions to answer to determine eligibility.
You must be between the ages of 18-60 and applying for a death benefit of $50,000 – $1,000,000 of coverage to qualify as well.
For these quotes please reach out to us directly via email or voice…they are categorized differently and vary by state and must be done manually.
Basically if you answer a few questions, we have an abbreviated application completed and then the company calls to take a telephone-application. It is much faster to issue and simpler to complete!
If you are in average health
Some states have opportunities for people answering yes to the questions above that don’t qualify for a preferred rate but would qualify for a standard rate.
If you are in poor health or uninsurable and working 20 hours per week or more
If you have a recent history of cancer or conditions that have left (or leave you) unable to obtain traditional coverage, there may still be a solution for you.
One company will currently offer up to $100,000 in coverage with an immediate death benefit available providing you are working 20 hours per week.  

If you are unable to obtain coverage elsewhere it is certainly worthy of consideration.
While not available in every state, please reach out to us with your state to see if it is.
If you are uninsurable and not working
The last resort for coverage is graded death benefit, guaranteed issue life insurance. With no health questions to answer, these policies are issued to anyone falling within the age and amount requirements. Generally, they max out at $25,000 of coverage and they are permanent, whole life policies.
How do they work you ask? Well, there is a graded death benefit. Depending on your state and age, the full death benefit is not payable for the 1st 2 – 3 years of the contract. If you die within that time frame (unless death occurs as the result of an accident in most states) the premiums plus interest will be your death benefit.
Once the graded period has been satisfied, the full death benefit is payable.
If you have had a recent diagnosis of a serious nature, this is the only place to go for coverage (unless your employer offers a guaranteed issue group term plan).
Again, these quotes are run manually and are not part of the software found on this site. Please reach out to us for these specifics.

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